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putsomethingnmymouth asked:

im running out of conhayt~!!! save me~!


Alright I don’t know which fics you’ve already read, but I’ll recommend you some of my favourites. Maybe there will be some you haven’t read before.

Hope you find something you enjoy!


"So was I good?" Vega teased the shower spraying over the two of them, Shepard had the best shower and the best water. Recycled water like the rest of the ship yes, but it had better pressure and maybe it was the fact that showering in Shepard’s cabin usually meant showering with Shepard was what really made it all the better but this was all really not the point. She grinned at him twisting away and pressing her back against the cold tiles of the shower. 

"Maybe." She had a slight sing song to her voice, teasing to the point he thought she was serious for a moment before his large hands wrapped around her waist, careful of fresh medi-gel wounds, and pulled her away from the wall and against him. Her arms came up and around him slowly grinning as her hair flattened out from the water. "You know that kiss down in the cargo wasn’t enough for me I may need just one more." She teased lightly just loud enough to be heard over the spray of water.

"Oh really?" He laughed, moving his hands to rub his thumbs into her hips. "Is that an order?" Seeing her laugh outright at his joke was worth the possible fact that he just ruined any chance of this turning into anything other than a shower. 

"Do you want it to be? Because one way or another I’m getting another kiss, whether it be from James or LT." She clicked her tongue at him and he leaned in closer brushing their lips together lightly. Not fulfilling her request, or satisfying her in the least. She made a soft whine in the back of her throat and he laughed in response. She twisted her hands upward and pulled his face forward her tongue was in his mouth and he didn’t have the heart to fight back pushing her up against the wall and lifting her slightly. She made a better noise this time, one of approval and he did his best to keep from grinning into the kiss. 

"Yes, I’d say you were very good." She whispered when they finally broke apart. "But you can do better…much better." 

Vega laughed, and her squeal when he hefted her up all the way was so worth it. They had just enough time. 

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